Wisdom Circles Oceania is an arts-centered community organization based on Oʻahu, Hawaiʻi that has provided a creative framework for individuals and groups to seek healing and community justice through artistic expression since 2016.

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We believe we need more safe places to gather that nurture our creative spirits. When we can share our stories, gifts and dreams together we collectively build in abundance + 'āina momona.​ Wisdom Circles Oceania primarily serves women and youth, welcomes all artistic capabilities, and is inclusive of all gender expressions.

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Wisdom Circles Oceania cultivates creative safe spaces that spark innovation through expressive arts, cultural storytelling, and natural systems processes to inspire solution-makers that center community well-being. By providing healing environments for collaboration and artistic expression, we increase understanding and safety and foster positive systems change in our communities.



We envision Wisdom Circles Oceania as part of a socio-economic infrastructure that offers educational tools for healing, intergenerational learning and teaching opportunities, and connections to resources. Our ultimate goal is to help create a thriving Aloha ʻĀina community that inspires the discovery of creative solutions in order to improve our quality of life with respect to the earth and each other. 



  • Dedication to the well being of Hawaiʻi and itʻs people

  • Continual integration of Indigenous foundational teachings

  • Holistic tools that address mental, emotional, and spiritual well being

  • Cultivating relationships with nature as a transformative tool for reconnection and understanding of healthy, working systems

  • Access to safe, creative spaces as necessary for creating healthy, thriving communities

  • A commitment to sharing resources/tools for healing

  • Cultivating an environment of exploration, encouraging creativity

  • Upholding clients/community as the expert in themselves

  • Facilitating intergenerational learning environments

  • A commitment of service to women, children and the earth

  • Collaboration as a necessary ecosystem for building thriving communities   

  • Striving for collaboration, instead of competition

  • Reframing blocks and conflict as creative inspiration for finding solutions that work for the whole  

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Wisdom Circles Oceania’s team has collective expertise in community restoration, social services, activism, arts programming, and the development of culturally responsive curriculums. Our partner organizations include Hoʻopae Pono Peace Project, Weaving Our Stories, the Pōpolo Project, Hawaiʻi Women in Filmmaking, and Hoʻokuaʻāina, as well as a cadre of community leaders and educators. Wisdom Circles Oceania and its supporters are committed to collaborating through culturally grounded environmental stewardship, culturally informed consensus building, and community-centered technology.