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We are a healing-centered arts organization in Hawaiʻi. We offer place-based programs to community and youth to spark creative expression and build understanding and safety. 


community foucsed, women-led art centered healing, painting, artistic release

"I feel more connected in that I discovered more deeply what art can do as a reflective method of discovery, combined with meditation, prayer and group sharing. I often feel pressured when making by the prospect of it as being meant for display, but this was not the same. I truly felt that these activities were meant for self-healing"

- Alicia Yang, Acupuncturist/Community worker

"I had the pleasure of working with Wisdom Circles Oceania on a social enterprise startup called the Correctional Arts ReEntry (CARE) Project. Sierra Dew, the Programs Director, helped me set up the CARE program by providing her expertise in creating art programs for underserved communities. She has great ideas, is very creative, and is a joy to work with. She is my go to person for brainstorming ideas and I look forward to working with her on other projects."

 - Ruby Menon, Program Director CARE Project, Worknet Inc.

"Mahalo to Wisdom Circles Oceania for generously sharing their genuine caring for others, their extraordinary sense of artistic design and belief in individuality through art with our women's sewing group - Seams Wonderful.  Under their gentle guidance, the women expanded their collective and individual artistic vision and learned to make new products that were very popular and contributed to their financial sustainability."

 - Jo Ayers, COO Kokua Kalihi Valley

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