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Community Programs - Participant Agreements

Personal Commitments: ​

  1. I commit to cultivating a practice of gentleness towards myself

  2. I commit to lowering the pressure, and showing up how I can in the moment 

  3. I commit to cultivating a feeling of exploration in myself

  4. I commit to trying art as a simple and helpful tool in my life

Group Agreements: 

  1. Speak + listen with aloha. This is a practice of when/how to share and listen. We encourage each other to address problematic statements with care + respect. We acknowledge that we may be at different stages of learning.

  2. Confidentiality + Consent - Speak from your own experience. Do not share otherʻs experiences (without consent).

  3. This is not about critiquing art, but rather (practicing) expression. Please show support for each other + help create a feeling of genuine care.

  4. If you need support, please reach out. There are times when artmaking + group process can bring up emotions. If you feel very overwhelmed or harm was done please contact the facilitator(s). Accountability is crucial in our group process to create safe space.


Course Materials: 

Wisdom Circles and Sierra Dew retain all rights to materials in it’s courses. Please do not re-distribute any content. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about our offerings. 

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