1-Month Creativity Coaching Package


  • (Four) 1 hour phone sessions

  • Comprehensive follow-up emails,

  • Weekly inspirational anecdotes &Journaling prompts 

  • (One) 2 hour creative art workshop (with supplies provided)

  • Creativity book selected according to your needs (price included)

  • Discount for 3-month commitment $950


This is a for a one-on-one Creativity Coaching Package with Wisdom Circles Founder Sierra Dew.  


Please do not hesitate to email for any questions, references, or work samples. Mahalo nui.   

THE COMPLETE Creativity Coaching Package

  • Wisdom Circlesʻ unique blend of Creativity Coaching is an added support for anyone looking to find more inspiration in daily life.  Artists can definitely benefit from this program, but so can business people, teachers, entrepreneurs etc. regardless of artistic ability.  


    Each Creativity-Coaching Package includes a check-in session to discuss:

    • An overview of your package details
    • What you can expect from our sessions
    • Scheduling our time together
    • FREE Resources



    • Learn how to honor the creative process and have more acceptance of your personal journey

    • More confidence in self and decision-making

    • A path to a healthier more successful creative relationship with yourself

    • Builds awareness of patterns, habits, blocks, self-talk, successes, lessons of the journey/process 

    • Finds what works and repeats it

    • Learn how to work through procrastination, overwhelm and self-sabotage

    • Focus on play and exploring the process

    • Tools and ways of following inner guidance/intuition

    • More awareness of how natureʻs wisdom works

    • Tools/ways to communicate with nature to address issues


    If you would like to request more information about our creativity-coaching packages please visit the "Coaching" Page on our site or email