Our unique blend of Creativity Coaching supports clients in integrating creativity
into daily life while teaching tools to access solutions within.

handmade craft from Wisdom Circles creativity coaching, eco-art workshops, commuinty program development
handmade journals from Wisdom Circles creativity coaching, eco-art workshops, commuinty program development


  • Learn how to honor the creative process and have more acceptance of your personal journey

  • More confidence in self and decision-making

  • A path to a healthier more successful creative relationship with yourself

  • Builds awareness of patterns, habits, blocks, self-talk, successes, lessons of the journey/process 

  • Finds what works and repeats it

  • Learn how to work through procrastination, overwhelm and self-sabotage

  • Focus on play and exploring the process

  • Tools and ways of following inner guidance/intuition

  • More awareness of how natureʻs wisdom works

  • Tools/ways to communicate with nature to address issues

We offer individual and group coaching sessions.

All sessions are currently offered by phone and facilitated by Sierra Dew .


"Sometimes when you are telling people about how overwhelmed you are, they will just try to make you feel better by giving you advice that only irritates and makes you feel more frustrated. Talking with Sierra is never like that, I don’t know how she does it :) I know that she always sees the beauty and creativity in others and I think that is what makes her an amazing coach." 

- Leila Christenson, Teacher/Educator

"Sierra coached me through the completion of my final MFA year and project, which was one of the most difficult artistic and personal times of my life. Her ability to listen with compassion and undivided attention and then provide caring, intelligent and intuitive feedback and support was incredible. She not only became one of the most solid systems of support and kindness for me through this process, she provided me with accessible and productive exercises and practices that grounded and inspired me. I was so grateful for her during that time and even more so in retrospect, as I realize how isolated and alone I felt in my artistic process until Sierra provided her wisdom, coaching, and support. I honestly question what my project outcome would have been without her. Although our interactions felt incredibly friendly and easygoing, Sierra was also consistently professional, timely, and had amazingly prompt follow-up after every session and in regards to anything she said she would do. I am so grateful for Sierra, and continue to be in awe of her ability, grace, and skill in what she does and offers. Thank you, thank you, thank you Sierra Dew."

- Brianna Skellie, Dancer/Choreographer


"Sierra, you really listen, and your feedback is never biased or judgmental, I always feel like you really refrain from putting your own spin on things and instead really listen to and respond according to me as an individual and the situation for being unique to me. I always appreciated how you didn't project your own stories onto me, but rather really helped me sort of figure out what I needed to do by asking some questions and really just listening.  I've always really trusted you too. You really care about others and are genuinely kind. I also love how silly you can be."

- Roberta Oaks, Fashion Designer